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Full text of "The Morphology And Evolution Of The Apes And Man"

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> THE sub-order Lemuroidea includes the true Lemurs from Madagascar and the Comoro Isles (fig. 1), the G-alagos from tropical East Africa (fig. 3), the Lorises of East India and Malaya (fig. 2), and the Aye-Aye from Madagascar. They are diversified in appearances, habits and diet, but arboreal forms predominate, and the vast majority are nocturnal The diet consists of insects, eggs, nestlings or vegetable matters ; the smaller species may be entirely insectivorous, whilst tho " Sifakas " are purely vegetarian.
All species have a well-developed furry coat, whowo colour may be extremely beautiful. Tho eyes are, large, and in some cases highly coloured ; but they often have a stupid blinking appearance during the day. Tho ears are large and prominent, and the elongated inUHfllo gives a bestial appearance to all species. The tail varios considerably, being long in the true Lemurs and abwont in the Lorises; it is imperfectly prehensile, but it sorvos as a balancer when the animal is on the move,
Hands and Peek*—The vast majority of speoioH havo pentadactyl hands and feet, but the indox digit of tho
* The hands and feet of many species havn been fignivd by Pomck